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Passionate About Entreprenuership

My big breakthrough came when I was in high school. That year, I was fortunate enough to be named 'Youth Entrepreneur of the Year' for Georgia, along with the adult winner Jeff Arnold, founder of WebMD. This achievement inspired me to further pursue my entrepreneurial ambitions, and since then I have gone on to help build several successful businesses.


I have spent my entire professional life dedicated to creating startups. Out of the last three startups I have founded or co-founded, all of them have been bought by renowned companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In total, these businesses have produced over one billion dollars in revenue! My most recent venture, RavenVolt, was purchased by (NYSE: ABM) for up to $450 million and is currently the fastest growing microgrid company in the entire United States. As a high school student, this goes to show that with sufficient hard work and dedication you can achieve incredible results and make a tangible difference in your community.


  • BBA - Accounting - Georgia State University - Top 2% Class

  • MBA - Massachusetts Institute Technology

  • Unlimited Electrical Licenses in Many States

Board of Directors

  • Director Southern States Bank (NASDAQ: SSBK)

  • Governor Brian Kemp's Electric Mobility Innovation Board

  • Advisory Board - TempAlert from founding to acquisition by Digi (NASDAQ: DGII)

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